In 2004, our humble beginnings, uh, began. We started out in the basement of a nice little house in Overland Park, KS. In short, we started out small. Today we are still small, but bigger than we were when we called ourselves small in 2004. We are small because we work with small clients. Our services find their way to the doorsteps of individuals looking for a face on the internet. They find a place with small business, both young and old. They find a place with artists and musicians, and they also find a place with non-profit organizations.

Currently we do work across the country and have even worked with a few people over in London, England. Most of out clientele is based in the Midwest, but the coasts have brought us some fun and happy groups that keep coming back for more.

If you're now salivating at the chance to find out more about what we might be able to do for you and/or your business, why not head on over to our Services page. That's where we begin to brag. Well, that's not entirely true. My father always said, "It's not bragging if you can do it." So, technically, we're not bragging.

If you want to hang out here a while longer, we'll tell you about what we use to get the job done.

Apple - Clck Me! Microsoft - Clck Me! Linux - Clck Me!

All computers that we use to do the design & programming are Apple computers. We have them all rigged so that we can design, program and test in both the Windows and Linux environments in order to maintain balance in the force and across the three major computer operating systems and all major web browsers within those systems. The browsers we test in are Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, Camino and Opera.

Firefox - Clck Me! Internet Explorer 7 - Clck Me! Safari - Clck Me! Opera - Clck Me! Camino - Clck Me!

Additionally, all our sites are tested, debugged and validated. What does that mean? It means that according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), our sites meet their standards for perfection. Truthfully, it means that the XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Flash used on our sites is without any mistakes, so as to show up correctly on any web browser. We call it "Standards Compliance".


Nathan (designer)

He does all things visual. He does the shell of the site, the digital sketches, the css formatting, the rhythm and the works.

Chris (programmer)

He does every stitch of programming. He does some PHP, a little Java, some Rails. He also makes a really great quiche.

aCe22o (server)

aCe and his sister, 4ex!, are the two servers that house all the sites we work on, if the client so chooses to host their site with us. Sometimes we come in late in the game and fix stuff. If that's the case, we encourage clients to have the site stay put with it's hosting, unless the problem is in the hosting.